Looking for a holistic, ethical and sustainable way to start or grow your business?


Conscious Business Community is here to serve you


Who Are We

We are a business training platform focusing on community and support, with the aim of helping you to create a successful conscious business.                                                                                                 

We work specifically with businesses involved in the service of transforming lives for the better (life coaches, therapists, healers or intuitives) so that collectively we can be a source of positive influence in the business world.

Whether you have just graduated or already made steps on your business journey, our training can help you to move your business forward. We uniquely provide both business and personal resources for you to flourish.

 Why Join Us

 Because we understand ongoing support is  equally as important as learning business skills 
✔ Because your own health and wellbeing and your business growth are intrinsically linked
 Because you achieve more in a safe, nurturing and joyful environment               
 Because your business journey is expedited through connections, collaboration and community


What We Offer


Digital training courses and programs

Master classes via webinar

Live training workshops



1-2-1 Coaching packages

Get it done days

Virtual group work sessions


Virtual coffee mornings

Live networking and social events

Collaborative ventures


We approach things from a holistic perspective, ensuring the health and wellbeing of the member, whilst they grow their business.

We appreciate that you and your business journey are unique and we tailor our training to match your personal and business needs

Our ultimate vision and goal is to bring ethics and altruism back to business, in a world where it is so desperately needed. In doing so, we both uplift humanity and heal the planet


Here's what you get as soon as you sign up

  ✓ An initial call with one of the team to welcome you to CBC and answer any questions you may have

 Introductory pack to clarify your needs and next steps, so you can dive in whenever you are ready

  Step by step guidance on how to get your business off the ground

  Over 100 digital trainings in Business and Personal Development

  Weekly support sessions to guide you on your journey and keep you on track

  Access to our community page for updates, events and to share your journey with other members

 Opportunity to join in all social events

  Opportunity to volunteer in charitable projects


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