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Special Offer - 2 Months For The Price Of 1 (£45)

We provide a complete and affordable business solution for you:

EDUCATION: Our digital training library contains a step by step business guide, in a non-technical and practical way. Our weekly support sessions keep you moving forward.

EXPERIENCE: When you feel ready, we will provide a safe space for you to test and get feedback on your offers, giving you invaluable experience and building your confidence.

EXPOSURE: We teach you how to gain visibility and actively help you to spread your message. We understand the struggles you face in marketing, especially if you are an introvert.

Special Offer - 2 Months For The Price Of 1 (£45)


Here's what you get as soon as you sign up


✓ An initial call with one of the team to welcome you to CBC and answer any questions you may have

 Introductory pack to clarify your needs and next steps, so you can dive in whenever you are ready

  Step by step guidance on how to get your business off the ground

  Over 100 digital trainings in Business and Personal Development

✓  Weekly support sessions to guide you on your journey and keep you on track

✓  Access to our community page for updates, events and to share your journey with other members

 Opportunity to join in all social events

✓  Opportunity to volunteer in charitable projects

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Why Join Us?


Because we recognize ongoing support is equally as important as learning business skills

Because we understand that you not only need to grow your business but your confidence as well

Because we know that your business can only thrive through connections, collaboration and community, especially if you are an introvert

We provide a truly holistic business solution to help you start your business




Pay only £45 

Available for a limited time, take advantage of this offer and move your business to the next level

Don’t struggle on your own. Be part of a holistic, supportive community.


Try Us For Two Months (£45)


What is Conscious Business Community?


A comprehensive online business training platform

Designed for pre start-ups, start-ups and young businesses

Accessed via a low-cost monthly membership

With ongoing dedicated support

Opportunities to present your offers, products, and webinars in a safe space for feedback and experience

Guided help with your marketing strategy and actively promoting your brand

Holistic training that uniquely includes personal and spiritual development

And access to a private community with members dedicated to helping each other 


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Try Us For Two Months (£45)

Here is what our members have to say...

Julie on our 'Business Strategy' support session

"Really enjoyed the business session last night. I gained so much inspiration and information in just an hour (which wizzes by) from the lovely Michele and the members too, really helpful."

Steve on our 'General Business Topic' support session

"Thank you Michele for this excellent session. Clearly structured and explaining on how to have a 1-to-1 sales conversation with a potential client, particularly noting with empathy what can be most challenging when very new to starting-up your transformational business!"


Try Us For Two Months (£45)