How to Create an Effective Lead Magnet

Learn more about one of the most powerful and proven ways to grow your list and community

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Date: Tuesday, June 21, at  7.00 pm GMT 

 Has the thought of creating a lead magnet left you feeling stuck because you don't really know where to start? Or maybe you created one, but it is not giving you the results you hoped for? Perhaps this is the first time you even heard of the words 'Lead Magnet'. Some lead magnets work beautifully and others do not. What are those key magic ingredients that make it work?

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On this webinar, you will:  


✓  Understand what a lead magnet is and why it is so essential


 Find the right lead magnet for you and learn the different ways in which you can use it


✓  Receive a checklist to ensure your lead magnet ticks the right boxes


 Join us to find out what makes an effective lead magnet.

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What sets us apart?

EDUCATION: Our digital training library contains a step by step business guide, in a non-technical and practical way. Our weekly support sessions keep you moving forward. 

EXPERIENCE: When you feel ready, we will provide a safe space for you to test and get feedback on your offers, giving you invaluable experience and building your confidence. 


EXPOSURE: We teach you how to gain visibility and actively help you to spread your message. Because we understand the struggles you face, especially if you are an introvert.


ENCOURAGEMENT: Growing a successful business is a marathon and self-doubt can often creep in. Thankfully, we are here to support, encourage and inspire you every step of the way.


Your Host:

Michele Yeomans FCCA : Founder of Conscious Business Community and Living The True Self



Through her various training programmes, Michele helps you to create a successful, authentic, and conscious business. 30 years of success working with small businesses to help them grow and develop, combined with NLP, coaching & leadership skills and infused with personal and spiritual development ensures that these programmes are a one of a kind. A transformational speaker, trainer, coach and mentor, her life is devoted to helping you live and express your true self through your business.

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